Here at RiworX, Our brand new Performance Centre in Vaughan, ON is able to cater for all your performance related needs. We specialise in modifications of all performance vehicles. From mild tuning parts for your everyday street driven ride, to the transformation of your car into a formidable high horsepower race machine. We can do it all here at RiworX.

If you are in Vaughan, ON, please feel free to come to our shop, and browse showroom full of performance modification parts and accessories, and you can talk to our experienced staff about the options you have with your car.

The RiworX Garage

RiworX highly trained and experienced mechanics can look after your cars for you, from your high performance vehicle to your daily driver as well. We specialise in the servicing, maintenance and repairs on all varieties of petrol & diesel vehicles here at RiworX.

Here at RiworX, we are equipped to:

Parts Installation

Our qualified Mechanics have enough experience to install all sorts of aftermarket parts to your vehicle. We have our own in house Japanese Translation Service (24hour turnaround time) that can translate all Japanese Instruction Manuals to ensure that the parts are fitted according to Manufacturer's Specs and Instructions and not by "feel".

Metal Fabrication (Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum)

Our In-House Fabricator, is a qualified Mechanic and has the reputation of being able to custom fabricate just about anything. His work has been showcased in many big project vehicles.

Suspension Set Up

We have the Technical Know how on setting up your vehicle's suspension may it for street driving, circuit racing, and drag racing or drift racing. We also have access to the full range of Poly-Utherane suspension bushes that help firm you vehicle's suspension set up for better road holding and handling.

Engine Conversions

Engine Conversions of all sorts can be done here at RiworX. From Silvias with SR20DET to RB25DET or RB26DETT, or Civics with D16Y to B16A, B18C or K20A, we have done them all. The only thing that stands us apart from many other workshops is that we follow all Government regulations when undertaking such conversions. Call us today and ask us how!

Engine Building

You know that your motor is in safe hands. Our specialty is with high performance Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Honda (for forced induction and naturally aspirated applications) motors, although normal engine rebuilds for standard applications is a cake walk for us. Our experienced engine builders, with their meticulous attention to detail and knowledge have given RiworX the reputation of building not only Powerful and Strong engines, but RELIABLE Engines too.